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Just like anything else, after years of wear and tear, protecting your home from the weather and outside elements, there may come a time when your siding needs to be replaced. Your siding takes the brunt of the damage any time there is heavy storms, wind, and rain, not to mention dealing with all of the seasonal changes that come with living in Columbia, South Carolina, so it makes sense when you consider all of these factors. 

When you’re in need of a siding contractor to replace all of your old siding with fresh new panels, you’re going to want to go with a business you can trust. Siding replacement is a big endeavor, and it can dramatically affect both the way your house looks, and how it is protected from the outside elements. Different siding types have different advantages, so when it comes time to replace your siding or upgrade the style you currently have, it’s best to speak with experienced and professional siding contractors like ourselves at Columbia Vinyl Siding.



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Because of the humidity throughout the year, and the variations within the seasons, Columbia is ripe with houses that need siding replacement. If your home’s exterior has been protecting your home for decades now, it’s not unreasonable for it to wear down over the years. Weather damage can severely degrade siding panels over the years, no matter what material they were made of. A harsh storm or severe winds can knock panels out of place, cause mold damage that can spread, and can cause chips and cracks that widen and get worse over time. If a professional contractor has determined that the best course of action for your home is siding replacement, we are the team for the job. If you are looking for an opinion on whether your home needs some siding repair done, or would be best served by new siding replacement, you can trust that Columbia Vinyl Siding will survey the damage, and give you your options, while presenting the facts in a simple, professional way- we would never push someone into siding replacement when siding repair would be sufficient. Our business values integrity, professionalism, and customer service, so you can be confident with a report from our experienced siding contractors in Columbia.

If you’re looking to install siding that looks like wood paneling but has increased benefits like more durability, no more paint jobs, and more, then vinyl siding replacement may be the kind for you. Oftentimes we hear from clients that they are looking to improve the look of their home, while also getting these benefits from vinyl siding, which is why they are looking for a new siding installation. Replacing the siding on your home is a surefire way to immediately improve your home’s curb appeal, change the appearance of your home’s exterior, and provide a completely new look. Vinyl siding is a great option for many homeowners, because not only is it a fast and efficient installation process, but it is also affordable, beautiful, and energy efficient. Vinyl siding is known for helping homeowners to reduce their heating and air costs, due to how well it insulates the home and maintains a temperate environment. Vinyl siding has quickly become one of the most popular siding choices on the market, for all of the value it provides with the affordable price tag. This siding type is versatile, durable, and highly customizable, so you can tailor the size, color, and thickness to your specifications. Vinyl siding also is known for looking similar to more expensive types of siding, like wood, stone, and brick. This versatile nature is one of the reasons why vinyl siding is the most popular option for siding replacement in Columbia, SC. 

Vinyl siding installation has incredible longevity of life, it can be maintained for decades. There are many reasons why we often recommend vinyl siding replacement for houses in Columbia, and one of the biggest is that it really does withstand the test of time. Vinyl siding is made by using manufactured PVC, which makes it resistant to water damage, easy for our siding contractors in Columbia to install, and has an attractive look that can be modeled after various other siding styles. If you love the look of other siding types like wood, but want the increased benefits of choosing vinyl siding for your siding replacement, then you’re in luck! These panels can be edited down to the texture of the panel, which can give it that specific grain look that looks so similar to other brands of siding. Columbia has wind, rain, not to mention the humidity, and it’s important that your home’s exterior is up to par with the elements. The last thing you want is to be constantly repainting your exterior, repairing damage caused by storms or low quality siding, or looking to replace your panels 15 years from now. Our vinyl siding contractors want you to avoid all that, and go with the choice that makes the most sense for you and your home. Your family home deserves to be protected, and siding installation is truly the best way to ensure the longevity of a home. Siding is also the main factor that gives your home it’s appearance, so if you’re looking for a change, new siding may be the best way to do that. If you’re interested in what Columbia Vinyl Siding can do for you and your home, give us a call today to discuss your home improvement project! We’re here, we’re ready to be attentive to your needs, and communicative about your project. Whether you’re planning a possible home renovation, or you’re ready to install new vinyl siding today, our team can guide you through the steps of the process, and keep you updated every step of the way. Our team really is the best in the business- and when it comes to protecting your home, you don’t really want just anyone handling your exterior, do you? If you want vinyl siding, choose the experts. Go with Columbia Vinyl Siding today.

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