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Unfortunately, even the toughest house siding may need to be repaired now and again. Siding panels are meant to withstand the elements, and wear well, with durability for years to come. However, there are many reasons why your panels may crack, split, or fade. If you’ve lived in the same home for 10+ years, and you’re not sure when the previous homeowners last had their siding installation done, it could just be age- years of wear and tear that eventually wore down the siding.

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Older panels aren’t made the same way the newer, more technologically advanced panels are, and may get damaged over time. Older wooden panels may experience rotting, as well. It can be so frustrating when you notice your damaged siding, but the experts at Vinyl Siding Columbia SC can take care of your project quickly and efficiently. Damaged siding can be a problem for many reasons- firstly, it provides a layer of insulation to your home, so if there are holes, or cracks, the climate controlled air inside of your home is not well protected, leading to higher power/gas bills. Also, if cracks and holes are big enough, your home could be exposed to pests getting in from outside- which no one enjoys and could lead to further degradation of the panels.

On a more aesthetic note, damaged panels hurts the appearance of your home- and can severely decrease its’ curb appeal. These pesky issues can all be solved with a call to our skilled vinyl siding contractors Columbia SC- we’ve got the experience to take care of any siding issue you may have.

We always use high quality products for our customers, to ensure that we leave your home better protected, and more beautiful than before. It’s important to take care of your home, and not leave it exposed to mother nature, especially during more intense seasons. Our siding repair service is completely personalized to each home- every issue is unique, and will be repaired fully using the highest quality techniques. 

From time to time, siding will get damaged- it is simply a fact of life (and weather). When that time comes, it’s important to handle the damaged panels, and get them repaired along the way, so that a small hole or issue doesn’t become a worse issue down the road. Things like this tend to compound, which is why we always recommend to our clients that they give their house exterior a check after major storms, to check for damage and give us a call if need be. Siding repair is typically quite simple, especially with vinyl siding, and our technicians can have your home’s exterior defense back up in no time. House siding is not impenetrable, so it’s best to get routine checks by one of our siding contractors, or check yourself from time to time to see if you notice any damage.

If you call us for siding repair, our team will schedule a time to visit the property site, thoroughly assess the damage, and then determine the best repair solutions for the siding in question. Our contractors in Columbia, South Carolina are highly qualified, and can tackle your repair work with skill, expertise, and efficiency. We know your time is valuable, and so we do the best we can to determine the most cost effective and generally effective solution for any siding problem or damage you may have. The weather in Columbia is highly variable, so it’s not unusual that weaker panels will experience harm from rougher winds and rain from time to time.

Heavy rain can also accumulate underneath vinyl panels if they were not fastened right up against the home exterior during the time of initial installation. Improper installation can lead to growth of mold underneath vinyl siding, which can severely damage your home. This is another reason why we always recommend that our clients choose a company they trust, one with expertise and experience in the area of damage they’re dealing with, so they can be confident in that company’s ability to handle the problem at hand. In our years of vinyl siding contracting, we have seen it all. We repair, install, and replace vinyl siding, and we would be glad to assess your home’s siding damage, and provide a reasonable solution for you and your home, so your house is protected and your worries are gone.

As far as exterior options go, vinyl is your best bet for minimal damage year in and year out. While it may be unavoidable after a particularly rough storm, the PVC that vinyl is made of does stand up well against harsher elements. However, we can’t prevent bad installation practices that were previously done, or take away the factor of age once your home’s exterior has been up for several decades. If a panel comes loose and needs to be reattached, or your siding just isn’t standing up to the storms anymore, we can repair it, and give you our best solutions for most siding damage issues. Siding isn’t invincible, but we can repair and replace any panels that aren’t doing their job anymore. Like mentioned earlier, damage to your home exterior is one of those things that is important to take care of when you see it, so the damage doesn’t escalate over time. Our team is great at providing hassle free siding repair, and will be able to determine the issue, and provide repair solutions quickly and efficiently. We will provide you with a quote for the materials and the labor, and we will explain the solution needed, so you understand exactly what’s going on with your exterior, and how it will be fixed.

When you want your home to be protected, choose a siding contractor in Columbia that is professional and effective, and that communicates their processes thoroughly. Your home is your biggest investment, and it’s important to take care of it when it gets damaged. At Columbia Vinyl Siding, we will always go the extra mile to provide the best solutions for your home, so you can rest easy and trust that your house siding is durable and resilient.

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