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Thank you for checking out Columbia Vinyl Siding, and taking a moment to learn more about us and what we do. We started our business out of a desire to be the premiere choice for siding contractors in Columbia SC, and the surrounding areas. We learned the best ways to do siding installation, to repair vinyl panels, and to replace old, worn out siding with brand new siding, that can transform the exterior of your house, decrease your heating and air bill, and protect your home from the elements. In the last decade, vinyl siding has become the most popular choice for homeowners, because of various benefits like its durability, wide array of color selection, affordability, and overall attractive appearance. 

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Due to its many benefits, vinyl siding has quickly become the most popular choice for siding replacement and installs on new developments and builds in the Columbia area. We love staying ahead of the game, which is why we’ve built our business around the most popular siding style for homes. Our team is well versed in vinyl siding repair and vinyl siding installation, which is why we’ve focused in on specifically working with this type of panel. This has allowed to spend more time perfecting our skills, honing our craft as siding contractors, and working towards always giving our best to our clients, so their homes can be built better, stronger, and last longer.

The reason we’ve niched down and selected vinyl as the siding choice for us is because when we started our business, we knew we wanted to create value for our clients, and we wanted to install their home’s exterior with excellence, and we wanted to feel pride in our work, and secure with the knowledge that we were bettering people’s homes, and we were protecting their houses from the elements, for decades to come. With vinyl, it just made sense for us. No other siding choice offer the array of advantages, and customizability of choice that vinyl does. It outperforms other styles, ones that are far more expensive, and require far more maintenance. When we were looking into all of the various siding choices, we were so impressed with how vinyl performed against competitors, how it lasted throughout the years, and how it looked, and continued to look for years to come. All of these benefits, plus the price savings that it afforded our clients, really sealed the deal for us. Since then, we have been Columbia Vinyl Siding, your vinyl experts of the greater surrounding South Carolina areas. We wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true, and while we could be installing any type of siding around, we wanted to niche down, and focus on vinyl so we could be the experts in the area, for the clients who understood the value that this type of siding has, and wanted to work with a dedicated expert in the field. We’ve installed siding for years, and since we started our business, we have learned more, installed more, replaced more, and truly become the vinyl siding authority in Columbia.

We specialize in vinyl siding in Columbia, because we saw a need in the market for siding contractors that were experts in the field, who dedicated their time and ability to staying ahead of the rapidly evolving siding market, and continuing to better themselves and their work every day. So, that’s what we do! We love vinyl siding for how it looks, the energy benefits it has, and how attractive that price point is to our clients. It has always been our goal to help our clients choose the best siding option at the best price, and vinyl siding has done that for us year and year out. We love hearing from our clients that after our vinyl siding installation, their AC bill has gone down significantly, and they get compliments on their siding choice from neighbors. It’s hearing things like that that drives us, and pushes us to provide even better skill and work for our clients. 

We love being one of the leading siding contractors in Columbia, and we know that our customers are getting the best bang for their buck when they call us for new vinyl siding replacement. Siding cost can vary significantly, and we want to help you choose the best choice for your home. In Columbia, vinyl siding is such a popular choice in part because of how durable it is, so it can withstand the varying weather conditions and elements in the area. The Southeast has such unpredictable weather, and it’s important that your home is protected from whatever the seasons has in store. Our commitment to our work is what drives us to get better and better, and customer satisfaction is paramount to that. We want every client enjoying their home and their siding work for years to come, so we will continue to show up with excellent craftsmanship, regular project updates, communication, and professionalism from all of our siding contractors. We know it’s a big deal to replace your siding or install new vinyl siding, and we want to be the company that you can trust your home with, from the beginning of the project to the finish. We want to get better in all aspects of our work, and we appreciate all feedback from our clients. We implement the suggestions we get, because we know how valuable our client’s input is for the growth of our business, our skill as business owners, and our work as the leading siding contractors in Columbia SC. We would love to have the chance to give you a quote on your next siding project- give us a call today! 

Vinyl cladding for your home was meant to last, which is why we recommend it as an investment for homeowners. When you hire professionals like our siding contractors to install your panels, they will be installed correctly, and will be able to handle wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour. We love how low maintenance this cladding choice is, as it doesn’t require investment year after year like many other styles do. It’s made to last, and won’t chip, crack, disintegrate, or need to be repainted. In fact, really the only maintenance we recommend is washing with a little water and soap once every year or couple years to keep the dinginess and dirt away.

When you hire us to repair , install, or replace your home’s cladding, not only will the job come out beautifully, but you’ll also get to to experience our professional, friendly, and great team of contractors. Not only do we leave each job with the best work possible, but we also make the work pleasant. We arrive on time, and we’ll be communicative about the project. We’ll inform you about anything that goes on, any updates we have, and we’ll be conscious of the time frame for the project. We never rush, and we always install vinyl siding properly and professionally. We are courteous, kind, helpful, and will always make our best recommendations for the siding job at hand. We take pride in what we do, and we love hearing from valued customers about the work they received. We do our best to provide our clients with the most affordable rates, while ensuring that we’re using only the best products and materials on their homes. We aim to make a difference with what we do, by providing Columbia with the best vinyl siding installation around.

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