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How much would it cost to install vinyl siding on my home in Columbia, SC? This is a question we get asked all the time, and for totally good reason! Vinyl is a great exterior cladding option for homes, since it is durable, affordable, low maintenance, and versatile. It’s no wonder so many homeowners are interested in replacing their dated siding, or looking for the best option for their new home build. If vinyl is on your radar, chances are you’re going to be looking up average install costs, material costs, et cetera, and it can get confusing. 

Here at Columbia Vinyl Siding, we specialize in this very thing. We believe in helping home and property owners to choose the best option for their budget and style preferences, and oftentimes vinyl comes ahead of other options in both of these categories! For the bang fo ryour buck, this style really just can’t be beat. It is versatile in color selection, placement (it can be installed either vertically or horizontally), texture, and more. It is made with PVC, which is a manufactured material that is very light, but very strong. This means that it is more affordable to transport and manufacture, due to it’s lightweight nature. 

In addition, it is one of the easier varieties of siding styles to install. It physically weighs less than other types, which makes it less difficult to fasten to the exterior wall. However, there are still various factors that combine together to equal the final cost for new vinyl panel installs. 


The first thing to factor in is the dimensions of the house in question. Siding panels are priced by the square foot, so you will need to calculate the square footage of your home to have an accurate estimation of the cost associated. Naturally, the larger your home, the more siding you will need. Other factors like size of windows also come into play. 


Within vinyl panels, there is still a wide range of variables that are factored in. there is a difference in price between thick vinyl and thin vinyl. Different types, colors, and textures are different price points as well. This panel type definitely is the most affordable style on the market, but it can mark up quickly depending on all of the customizations that the homeowner selects. Vinyl is so highly variable, that the average price per square foot is actually a range from $2.00-$13.00 per square foot. 


The condition of your exterior walls also has a large effect on the price of your new siding installation. This is because of labor costs, and the labor necessary to get your panels removed, the walls repaired, and the new siding installed. If the walls in question are filled with holes, termite infestations, mold, the like, your siding contractors will need to repair the existing problems before installing new panels over top. If you live in an older home, issues like this are more likely to come up, and the siding contractors will need to repair the damage to protect the integrity of your home. 

There are many factors that combine to make up the overall cost of new vinyl panel replacement on a home, and we hope this article helped to shed some light on this. Whether you’re interested in vinyl, want to install new siding, or are building a new home, our contractors in Columbia would love to work with you on this exciting project. 

We can work with you on budget and style to select the perfect siding for your home, and get your house’s exterior installed in a budget friendly and beautiful way. It’s important for the siding company you hire to have experience in the type you’ve selected, which is why we are committed to vinyl siding installation in the Columbia SC area. We know the city, where to source the siding from, and how to install the cladding properly and efficiently. 

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