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Why do people choose vinyl siding over other options for their home?

This is a question we get asked frequently, so in this post we thought we’d go over some of the most common reasons and advantages many homeowners cite for their decision.

Vinyl siding is an investment in your home’s longevity, and can make a significant impact on your AC bill each month, by keeping the home better climate controlled and protected from the elements. No only does it lower your heating and air bill, but it has also been known to provide more insulation than other leading siding types.

Most homeowners want something that’s going to look good, going to perform well over time, is not going to be the most expensive option, and is not going to require constant attention. 

For one, vinyl siding is notoriously low maintenance. Wood must be repainted since it chips and fades, cedar often has to be stripped and repainted, while vinyl rarely required paint, since the panels themselves are colored down to the base of the board. If however you end up wanting to change the color of your home, vinyl can be painted a new shade, which allows for versatility, and room to change over the years. 

Vinyl siding is also very environmentally friendly. The way it is manufactured leaves very little waste, and can be recycled fairly easily, because it’s made of PVC, which is used in many other products. Many homeowners in Columbia ask us about environmentally friendly choices for their new siding installation, and we’re always glad to let them know about vinyl siding and what a green choice it is for their home. 

We love installing new vinyl siding to replace older panels, or to revamp a home’s exterior, largely due to the durability factor. This is also an important factor that our clients frequently cite as a main component to their decision to install vinyl.

Durability in your exterior is a great investment, because it means your home will be protected from the elements, you won’t have to spend tons of money over the years repairing and replacing damaged panels, and the boards themselves won’t be susceptible to fading, mold growth, or insect infestations. We always try and encourage our clients to consider the long term factors they most care about when it comes to their home, because while another siding may look attractive, it may be a lot less attractive after years of upkeep. 

There are many components that our clients consider when choosing us as their siding contractors for the job, but they all have one thing in common: they recognize vinyl siding as the best choice on the market right now for their home’s exterior, both for the cost saving benefits, the durability aspect, and the lack of maintenance needed. 

We love going above and beyond for our clients, and it helps tremendously to know how high quality the product we’re installing on their home is. We stand behind vinyl siding, and we love doing what we do, and getting to see all of the lasting benefits our homeowners get to experience with vinyl siding, and our expert siding installation. 

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